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Posted 3:38 PM 4/12/2010

#10 Gushing Wound: I know everyone is mad because warriors dont need another bleed effect...and its true but this effect is going to be realy effective in pvp. this bleed will stack up to 3 times and will refresh every time you move. it lasts nine seconds so thats nine seconds to stand around and if you pvp nine seconds can be a game changer.

#9 Time Warp: You mages always get the fun stuff but i gotta hand it to you this will be realy effective in any raid. and this is a PASSIVE ability. think about that for a second.... a heroism that is passive.....epic

#8 Redirect: Though this isnt a fancy move or does damage. this is a move that every hardcore rogue has been waiting for...for YEARS! to be able to save the combo points that were not used on your last target is big.

#7 Trap Launcher: this is usefull because if we are going back in CC next expantion that means all the CC">classes {mages, rogues, hunters, warlock (on some mobs) and Druids (on some mobs)} will need every advantage they need and this one is one of them. hunters wont have to go and stand infront of the mobs and place the trap and hope the pet wont go AWOL and attack but is able to safly throw it at a safe and LoS distance.

#6 Wall of Fog: Once again you mages get all the fun. but this is one cool move. just place a wall of fog infront of you and pull and the mobs are stuck in it and gets damage from it as well. hmmm sounds like something i saw in a movie once....

#5 Dark Simulacrum: This is going to be another usefull move. the ability to counter the next spell that comes at the death knight is awesome. just think the next time you get snared, sheeped, stuned, or any other CC move in pvp will be used aginst them.

#4 Leap of Faith: Though it pains me to even put it on the top five this is going to be a usefull move in any situation. if your raid member dont relize they are in a big huge circle of fire that deals 100000k dmg a second and it takes up half their screen but claim they are too busy healing/tanking/dpsing you can just "life" grip them and save them the argument later.

#3 Smoke Bomb: This will be usefull no mater what your doing. if your in a heroic and your tank wants to do a LoS pull just pop some smoke. Hunters and mages slowing you down? they cant shoot at something thats in a puff of smoke :) .

#2 Wild Mushroom: in my mind druids needed a fun little move that also packs a big punch. the ability to have a mushroom grow and EXPLODE dealing god knows how many damage to all the unlucky foes in there will pack a huge punch.

#1 Healing Rain: You Shamans thought i forgot about you? Ive never played a shaman a day in my life. ive played rogues, death knights, a little bit of mages and pallys, ive played druids, warlocks, and even priests but never a shaman so i dont know if this is life changing for you but i know that shamans have 3-4 heals and most are the jesus lazers (chain heal) and you dont have a AoE heal yet so this is not only going to add a new heal that you can do but it also adds the effect of a AoE move that heals your selected players and it also sounds wicked cool.
"Tomorows forcast: a little cloudy with a chance of HEALING RAIN!"

Whats yours? the rules is you cant be useing your favorite classes new moves because its "awesome" like me i had shammys as #1 and i havent even played a shaman. so give me your top ten.