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Posted 8:48 PM 10/22/2016
There is a economy of rubber use on the outsole. Small rubber lugs are mounted on the foam pods only over the forefoot and heel area. This helps keep the weight down, and at the same time provides the midsole more leeway to deliver cushioning due to a piston effect. The independent rubber lugs allow the foam underneath to compress upon weight loading.

Like we said, the LT2 changed insole makes it a firmer riding shoe than the LT1. The overall midsole cushioning levels stay the same as 2015, just that the insole foam just under your foot does not feel as soft as it did before.

The rest of the midsole retains its ride properties, which includes a supportive nature and quick, smooth transitions. There isn a design bias on either side of the midsole, so the foot stays centered and supportive.

This might be the right time to mention that the 2016 Lunartempo 2 gains some flab over the previous model. On the weighing scale, the digits glow at a number which is nearly 20 gms/0. 7 Oz or 10% higher than the LT1 (US 11). That is because of extra materials used in the making of the new upper, which is detailed as follows.

Most functional updates are usually unseen ones, and LT2 is no exception. Ok, the insole might have changed and all that, but the main update for the LT2 is its inner sleeve. The 2015 Lunartempo did not have a sleeve; instead, the inner upper relied on a separate midfoot lining while keeping the forefoot unlined.