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$79.00 tax coming on 12/7/2010... ARE YOU PREPARED!
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Posted 11:11 AM 3/8/2011
I don't know, I hated ZG and ZA. After I got my loot, I never went back. There is just something about trolls, snakes, voodoo and Mardi Gras I don't like. I did like the "YOU ARE BIENG WATCHED" warning, made me feel special!
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Posted 12:36 PM 3/8/2011
I'm kinda looking forward to ZG, not just for the mounts, but because I actually thought it was fun. Complete opposite opinion on ZA though. Lol.
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Posted 6:31 AM 3/11/2011
Fan of both here because killing trolls is so much fun!

ZA was brilliantly designed and fun (Voodoo gnomes!); the only part I hated was the trash requiring you to pay attention or something which was much less fun than being able to let a dipping bird play for you in Kara. And that made the timed runs more fun for me, strangely enough.

ZG I liked apart from farming Ghaz'ranka every week for Poly-turtle; I literally didn't get it to drop for me until halfway through BC and couldn't solo him on my tankadin because of his mana burn.