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Hey all ! My name is Shaun Smit, I'm a gamer from the Nederlands. Been playing world of Warcraft for some years now, 3,5 if i'm right. Started on Anachronos with a Nelf Hunter (Original :P ), Later on transferred to Dunmaul - EU to play with some friends by starting of with a Resto shaman. Still playing that character atm, but took a break from raiding and waiting for Catalysm :)

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You can't change the wind; but you can shift your sails.

Oeh, that's deep :)

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March 13 2007
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DBM, Shields up, Bagnon

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I have the ability to power level a character to level 80 in a few hours and after that never play that character again ..

I also have the ability to do that same thing 5 times ..