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Axex, Thunderhorn
Birthday: (32 years old)
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I've been playing video games all my life - I started with watching my dad play Mario as a baby, grew up through playing co op with him and watching him play Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

My first MMO was Everquest, which I played from a young age for about 7 years, then quit because it began to die and my friends had migrated to WoW. For several months after that, I played Gunz, refusing to play WoW (me and my younger sister though it was evil!) but then, with the help of a certain person, I was introduced to the amazing World of Warcraft, and have been hooked since. I am Horde to the core, though I do have a few little Alliance toons that I play when I need to get away from my friends/enemies, or for a change in scenery of leveling. I've been on Thunderhorn server since I started playing WoW too.

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August 9 2007
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Atlasloot, Pallypower, Grid
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I love: white chocolate, wolves, reading, drawing, fantasy and all creatures involved
I wish to be an artist for a company like Blizzard someday