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Vyconia - Bronzebeard
Birthday: (33 years old)
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University student studying Chemistry.

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"Nelfs? Uhh NO, dorfs are the smex!"

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Grid, Livestock, flagRSP2, Bartender

... but mostly Grid <3
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10 Random Things About Me:

1.) Trolls and Dwarfs are by far my favorite races.

2.) I only play Alliance due to real life friends... silly friends.

3.) I love Terry Pratchett books.

4.) I normally smell of some bizarre chemical due to working in the lab.

5.) I like playlists that contain both Arch Enemy and Pink.

6.) My life revolves around Marshmallows.

7.) Paper Zepplins are my most important raid consumable.

8.) I long for real life Nitro Boosts.

9.) People assume I wear black because I don't want to conform or some crap like that. I do it for the lack of effort in the morning. Everything matches. Win.

10.) I really should have been working while I was writing this.