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Lendário / Dalvenguyr
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Well, i live in Brazil and live with my brother and mother, it's really hot in here plus it rains a lot but i love this place.
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Sometimes when you win, you lose.
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September 19 2005
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Bartender of course, i hate blizz UI and gearscore, not to use it actually just to piss people off on trade channel by asking for 5500GS for Naxx 10.. LOL
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1 - Crazy (be carefull)
2 - Smart (i think)
3 - Humble (you wish)
4 - Hot (i wish)
5 - Geek (hell yeah bitch)
6 - Pottymouth (you fucking think so?)
7 - Great dancer (haha, no)
8 - Psycho? (come closer to find out)
9 - Romantic (this part is actually true)
10 - Friendly (BE NICE AND I WILL)