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Eyerai - Talnivarr
Birthday: (31 years old)
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Born and lived in Stockholm for 4 years, moved to London lived thier for 12 years, moved to Crowborough East Sussex where i am living now. Play WoW alot :x, but i tend to go out alot more (?). I started playing during Vanilla and raided MC+, unfortunately i havent been able to shake the addiction. I love music and have a very eclectic music taste, and i do a bit of drawing when im in the mood.
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Nah its pro.


But really, its shit.
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February 4 2005
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Prat, Smexy Map and Shock n Awe
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1. Wrote this while doing Loremaster Achieve. 2. Im a baker IRL. 3. I tend to write "/" before i type ANYTHING anywhere =/ 4. I got the shaman icon tattooed on my chest. 5. I rage when people say "inscriptionist/inscriber/inscribetionist" its SCRIBE. 6. Fukken love Beer. 7. Im running out of random things about me. 8. Ah just thought of one. 9. Nah lost it. 10. Ah i remember, i love NiN :3