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You may call me Bella or Nova, I really don't mind. I'm a 21 year old World of Warcraft player. I used to play WoW heavily when I was 16 but then I stopped. I recently started playing again but I'm honestly not amazing at the game. It's kind of like Bill and Ted with the time machine, no matter how many times they used it they still couldn't get a proper handle on it.
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"Do unto others as others would do unto you," said the rapist.
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September 10 2011
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(1) My blood type is A Positive, the only know this is because I've donated blood before.

(2) The top three things I love doing: reading, exercising and video games.

(3) I have an obsession with The Beatles.

(4) My interests consist of crime / serial killers / laws.

(5) I've always been fearful of using my mic in any game because of the horror stories girls seem to receive. I've been lucky enough to receive mild responses compared to those unlucky few.

(6) I'm a quick learner (for the most part).

(7) Betray my trust once and I'll probably never trust you fully ever again.

(8) I believe in direct approach, I'm very forward/honest. Some people like this about me, some people don't. Direct approach is obviously better.

(9) I spend a lot of my online time on Ventrilo with my friends.

(10) Even though I'm from America, I joined the European servers to play with friends.