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Been playing WoW on and off now since release and pretty much have always played a druid, even when it was not cool or actually fun to do so. Outside of WoW, I am a fan of anime and my all time favorate anime is "Ouran High School". Call me wierd but sometimes I wish I was Haruhi :P

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Life is not defined by the things you achieve or by the items you possess but is defined by the lives of your friends and loved ones for whom you have effected, the memories you leave them with in their hearts.
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10 - I Live in Wales
9 - Named After Pippi Longstocking
8 - Pets love me instantly for some reason
7 - Been married once and had step daughter older than me
6 - Can stay up for days on end on just willpower alone
5 - Cant grow a beard
4 - Double Jointed
3 - Quite Tall
2 - Cannot hold a drink to save life, is straight edge
1 - Always tries to see good in everyone