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Posted 8:05 PM 5/15/2010

I'm growing tired of the member map on the front page. Looking for suggestions for something in that area! Maybe random photo album shots? Statistics? Girls jumping on trampolines?!?

What do you all think?


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Posted 5:41 AM 5/16/2010
I like the random photo idea
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Posted 10:23 AM 5/16/2010
Depends one what you're going for I suppose, you want something more MMO appropriate you could always see if someone can whip up something with photoshop. Warhammer tends to generate a variety of wallpapers that could be used as a base, although some may not feel completely correct for some MMOs as warhammer has guns as well. Although I suppose we come take a blend of one of your ideas and this and have girls in chainamil bikinis jumping on trampolines. It's the internet, gifs of this have to exist somewhere of it.
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Posted 8:58 AM 5/17/2010

The internet is your friend !" alt="alt" />

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Posted 6:59 PM 6/10/2010
As previously mentioned, the photo that are up now are a nice touch. Perhaps taking that a step further and making a gallery page that it could open up to similar to the one on the WoW home site. Then maybe take submissions for best screen shots, member artwork, funny chat log captures, etc.

Not sure about how much effort your willing to put in though. The easiest idea might to maybe have a site member contest for creating a piece of MMo inspired art for the home page. You might be able to even use it as an advertising tool to bring on more membership registration too. Reward would simply be having that persons art on the main page. Hell if enough good submissions come in, you could pick a runner up or two to be used as banner type art for some other pages like the forums, or the member map page.

Just spitballin' :)