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Guardians of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, well, once...
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Posted 5:37 PM 5/11/2010

Title says it all, in all the years you've played, what moment on your paladin would be the most epic for you?

Personally, it was tanking Karathress' adds for the first time, it was the first thing I ever tanked (besides Morogrim murlocs, but can't really call that tanking as all I had to do was spam holy light with righteous fury on, decked out in stamina gear).

Still have a screenshot of it somewhere, really cool to look back to, tanking with only judgements which remove your 30sec lasting seal and a consecration.

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Posted 6:04 PM 5/11/2010

I think one of the most fun fights I ever did on my Paladin was Morogrim, our guild never tanked the Murlocs, but instead used Holy Paladins as bait, running RF, attracting all the murloc packs to us, then dodging out of the way behind Frost Nova and a massive AoE storm from the DPS. I don't think a lot of guilds did it the way we ended up doing it, but it worked and was a hell of a lot of fun.

Any fight which required me to utilize my Blessing of ... spells before they became Hand spells and Blizzard got their assholes so tight that they decided that anything fun and unique should be removed from the game so that your GM doesn't have to care about your raid comp... >< Those are the fights I love and miss.

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Posted 10:11 PM 5/11/2010
Off the top of my head, I'd say I have 2 "best" memories with my Paladin. The first was when I finally completed my Judgment set. I was 7/8 until BC came out, prior to that the guild I was in was farming the shit out of BWL and blowing through AQ. Over the entirety of the time I was in there (well over a year of farming BWL alone) not once did the Judgment Breastplate drop. I hung onto the 7/8 I had collected because Judgment, of all the sets for every class, was by far the best looking. I only managed to get the Breastplate a few months ago.

The second was more personal and has a fair amount of back story, feel free to skip if you're not interested. I'm ashamed to admit that in BC I left a guild of friends for the sake of progression. A raiding guild offered me a spot as a tank in their guild. I'm sure at least some of the people here remember what the response was to a Paladin tanking a heroic, never mind a raid, was at the beginning of BC. Knowing how rare this was I took the opportunity. I was told I might occasionally need to heal, I'm a Hybrid, occasionally you need to do that.

After weeks of invites, but each of them prefaced with "We need you to heal tonight" I started getting annoyed. One night came when a set token dropped that I could use. I put in for it and after much deliberation the officers gave it to a new guy. I started asking why and I was told the reason was because I would use it to upgrade my tanking gear. I wound up leaving the guild shortly after, decided to take a break from the game, eventually came back and rejoined the guild I was in prior to them.

Fast forward a few months. Our guild is doing well, we seem to be having issues getting 25 together consistently, but we're having fun, so really, who the fuck cares? The guild that tried to turn me into a healer was having some drama issues, eventually winded up losing a lot of their members. One of the officers decides, "Hey, I want to get this guild going again, let's see if I can recruit enough to get back in the game!" The conversation I had with him as he tried to buy me back into their guild with raid drop blacksmithing plates (note: I'm an engineer) than getting to tell him no was very satisfying.

Wound up being more so when I was having a conversation with one of their other officers. She had no idea that their new GM came to me about this, but apparently prior to him talking to me, all the other officers laughed at him for suggesting trying to get me to come back because they all knew I would never agree to it.

So yeah, arguably not "Paladin moments" but defiantly some of my favorite memories from my playing my Paladin.
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Posted 12:00 PM 5/12/2010
heh, our guild got a Protection Paladin that ran with us through the whole game, even got to tank Illidan for us for all of our attempts. When he joined our guild he was a little undergeared and used to beg his way in to Karazhan runs every Saturday.

One night as we were just starting SSC and beginning work on Lurker, we needed another healer so I sent a whisper to him and asked him if he had any healing gear? He responded that he didn't but he'd get some, and about 10 minutes later he told me got his SP up to about 900 and that he'd really love to join us.

That was the first raid he joined us on, and marked the end of when we'd ever sit him from a raid. Dsxsavior healed most boss fights in the game, but we did use him to tank on A'lar, Void Reaver, Solarian and a few others. I never really did ask him how he felt about going Holy on Morogrim since Morogrim was kind of the holy grail of Paladin tanking at the time, but he never complained. It used to be our running joke that "Ok, it's time for a Boss, Dsx, put on your healing gear, time to be a real Paladin" but we never really had any issues with using him as a tank, even with all the silly Prot itemization back in those days.

Now he's our guild's main tank :)