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Posted 2:40 PM 5/9/2010

By now you have seen all the destruction and mayhem Deathwing will put on Azeroth. if you havent ive posted 3 videos each containing the new cataclysm zones, the major changes in kalimdor, and the major changes in eastern kingdoms. out of all the changes in the game..whats yourt favorite. i dont care why! it could be because now this zone is bigger, smaller, funner, it could be because a horde town was destroyed, it could be that a alliance town was upgraded or added. i dont care why.

Mine is a close one between eastern/western plaugelands and stormwind.

-East/West plaugelands because blizzard is showing that after the lich king has died that the zones changed because of him will return to normal..but wait what will happen to my argent dawn trinket?

-Stormwind because...well do i realy have to explain that

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Posted 12:21 AM 5/10/2010

The "Lich King" per say didn't die, after Arthas' death, Bolvar took over to better control the scourge without Frostmourne's evil influence... But yeah, I'm really lovin' the changes to EPL so far, seeing as it's my favorite leveling zone.

One more thing, damn goblins and screwin up Aszhara (spellinglol)