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Posted 2:08 PM 1/22/2011
First off hey everyone i even forgot this website was still around and it looks cooler then last time. like the 3D menu and drop down stuff. but thats not why im posting

So its been what? 5-6 weeks since cata was releaced. What has been your thoughts on it. it could be about anything. the Heroics,Raids, Graphics, New races, new quests, ect ect.

Now for me i FREEKING love the Heroics and raids. Now i know we all have had that wrath mindset which is AoE, infinate heals, and weak boss fights. And its hard to get back into that classic WoW and BC mindset cause i know i have been strugling a bit too. but its so fun now with hard bosses and insane fights that realy make you think again. it reminds me of the BC heroics like S labs, Botanica, Mecanar, Shatterd halls and my personal fav kara (i know its a raid but i loved the shade fight it was so fun)

So what about you? you like the new raids, able to fly everywhere now, archeology, anything. and also if you want to say something you DONT like plz be respectful and put something down constructive and not something pointless like "I H8T DA NEW ZONES" and leave it at that. i dont care if you post in all caps as long as you tell me WHY oh and no "L2P NOOB" or "!@#$ you" cause everyone thinks differently :)
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Posted 5:22 PM 1/22/2011
I haven't been able to raid yet, but if Heroics are any indication, I probably won't.
Truth is: At the current moment in time, i'm not interested in PvE at all, it actually bores me. Heroics are boring as hell, because sometimes they are easy (to me) and sometimes they are difficult, but it just feels like another dungeon crawler game...
i know that's what it might be, but that bores me. If you're not into raiding, there's not much to do in Cataclysm except grind for gold and epics...
I like doing quests and finding out new things about lore, and I have to say that there's not much there in Cataclysm. Sure, there's buttloads of lore in WoW, but it seems not much was added with Cataclysm.
PvP is my current obsession right now. Be it on my warlock at level 85 or leveling a horde rogue to spam battlegrounds and such...
I would stop playing WoW if I had another Xbox, but I don't, so WoW is the only form of entertainment I have atm. (God, that makes my life sound so sad. LOL)

Speaking of quests, my favorite new quest is Battle of Life and Death. I got plenty of screenshots from that quest. :D

Maybe if I do get around to raiding - though I don't think my guild is going to be doing that anytime soon - maybe my mind will be changed... Blackwing Descent looks awesome, mainly because I have a thing for dragons... and demons...

Now, if Blizzard would update Outlands with new maps and better leveling like they said they might, then I'd be in heaven.

Archeology is pretty cool lore-wise, plus the endless grinding to get the Aquamarine Battle-Tank is worth every minute.

Yay, I'm finally done spitting out my opinion in rapid subject changes and random comments. But that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
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Posted 8:29 AM 1/25/2011
I can see where your coming from. me im more of a combo pack. PvP and PvE is my deal. i love PvP because winning agenst a accual player(s) feels so much fun. the rush, the good feeling when you win. (granted there are basterds out there who just sit at the spawn point and yell "L2P NOOBS JEEZ YOU ALL ARE MAKING MISTAKES WHILE I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS PERFECT BECAUSE I CANT SEE MY OWN FLAWS"...hate those basterds.
And i love PvE because killing something that needs to be done in a near flawless way with 4 other guys or 9 other guys or 24 other guys (and gals XD) makes it seem fun, i hated wrath cause MOST bosses were "just sit here and do your usual rotation and occasionaly move to the left or the right" and it felt boring. and i blame wrath for leaving a perminate stale taste with dungons and raids in my mouth now. even if heroics and raids are fun again i will always feel that boring quick rush grind to the end dungon.
Now some people say that "oh well its the same old thing with PvE for 6 years. you go in, kill a boss, get phat loot, leave." well in a core concept yes but in a overall view...ehhhh no. different location, different boss, different fight, different fun. oh and playing with guildys make it 1000000000000x better cause if you hear us on vent we dont care if we wipe 1 or 10000 cause we have fun talking and having a grand ole time.
and you should get into raiding man. they are tons of fun again. Remember kara? yea well its "almost" that and i say almost cause there are the "bang your ead agesnt the wall" bosses. but when you kill them it makes the kill THAT much sweeter.
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Posted 11:38 AM 1/25/2011
I've never been big on the PvP in wow, but I loved it in Warhammer. 2 things they did differently that make all the difference for me.
1) Standard PvE only abilities are still useful, all of them, yes, even taunt. Taunt puts a debuff on the target that reduces all damage they deal to people other than the taunting player by 30%, enemies is chewing up your healer, taunt him, either he now does 30% less damage or has to take the time to run over and hit you three times.

2) You cannot run through enemy players. This makes things like bridges more than just a spot to spam AoE to hit as many people as you can. I remember playing as a Chaos Chosen while a friend was playing a Disciple of Kaine. Were were doing an RvR scenario (basically the same idea of AB, take places, get points, first to X wins) and the most fun I've had was tossing on a shield as big as my character (who is already pretty fucking big) and holding a bridge against those weaklings in the Order. In situations like this, the bridge is almost never the only way from point A to B though, but it's by far the fastest and it become a tactical decision to try and take the defended bridge or backtrack and go around and fight in a more open space. Keep battles are different, there's usually only one way in and it's typically well defended.

... I want to reactivate my warhammer account now and be part of holding a line now...

EDIT - I suppose I should add something relevant to the topic as well, as I said, not big on PvP, but I'm enjoying heroics and raids being more difficult again. Guild recently started raiding and got Magmaw down for the first time last night, felt good to see his corpse on the ground (too bad the loot was leather and leather and we had no leather wearers in raid, oh well, first two shards in the guild bank I suppose)

Double edit - grumble grumble...