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Looking for players for that Hogger raid? Feel free to post here!
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Posted 2:00 PM 5/11/2010

The Templar Risen is a PvE Raiding Guild on Doomhammer (US). We are a raiding guild focused on steady progression in a "softcore" atmosphere. The guild is generally relaxed, but we make the most of our 3 night raid schedule and expect solid performance during our time in raid. Our core has been on the server and raiding since the days of ZG and MC & Pre-WotLK we cleared everything from Kara to 9/9 Black Temple and were 2 bosses deep in Sunwell. To this point in WotLK we cleared and farmed all Tier 7, 8, and 9 encounters. Our goal now is to build up our raids with the few classes we're missing, finish ICC and move on to hard modes.

ICC progression:
25 Man: 11/12 (In Progress on the Lich King)

10 Man: 11/12 (In Progress on the Lich King, 10 mans are optional and we run two groups once a week.)

We are looking for dedicated and consistent members who can make our 3 night a week raiding schedule:

Monday: 7-10p
Tuesday: 7-10p
Thursday: 7-10p

Do to the upcoming summer and foreseeable scheduling conflicts we may move our Monday night to Wednesday.

*Times listed are Server time (MST)

If you're a mature person, a solid player and can commit to our raid schedule, and especially if you meet our class need criteria posted below, we look forward to seeing your application!

Raiding Class Needs:

  • 1 - Rogue - Any Raid
  • 1 - Mage
  • 1 - Druid: Restoration main spec
  • 1 - Paladin: Holy main spec

To Apply or for more info please visit us at:" class="postlink">

If you have any questions or would like to submit a private application please feel free to contact Jingi, Dsxsavior, Wendylynne or Hadrin in game or send us a private message on our forums. Look forward to hearing from you!