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Looking for players for that Hogger raid? Feel free to post here!
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Posted 1:53 PM 5/11/2010

Vanquish is a dedicated raiding guild located on the server Staghelm with over 4 years experience and many server firsts.

We raid 5 nights a week at 7:30 to 11:30 cst, Sun - Thurs.

We are currently looking to add a few members to our ranks. If your class/spec is not listed below, feel free to check us out and apply anyways, we keep applications on hand and we revisit them when positions open.

Currently Recruiting: (We are looking for 1 tank, 1-2 healers and 1-2 dps from the following classes)

  • Druid - Resto and Feral(Tank)
  • Paladin - Holy and Prot
  • Priest - Holy or Disc
  • Rogue - Combat
  • Shaman - Resto
  • Warlock - Demo

Please visit our website for more details and application.

Guild Website:">

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Posted 2:02 PM 5/11/2010
Wish I was on Staghelm or had money to transfer >< This guild looks really good and I'm looking for a new guild atm.. Ironically, I could fill all but two of those class spots right now :P

Good luck though! Hope you find some peeps, cus I know recruitment is incredibly slow right now (just like it was before Wrath came out)
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Posted 7:42 PM 5/24/2010

Pay for my subscrip and faction xfer and I'll raid every night as a tank =D

I don't know if i could look at a night elf that long though....

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Posted 2:34 PM 6/22/2010
oh if only i had the time to dedicate to WoW. i'd so be on that. my druid isn't 80 yet, but she's resto and tankage XD
ahh siiighhh.