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Posted 6:45 PM 1/8/2012
i saw a forum on this topic but there was no answer. I keep trying to add my characters from Cenerion Circle but is says unable to verify character or something like that. any help?
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Posted 4:56 AM 1/9/2012
It's been a couple years since I added my characters so I'm just going by rusty memory, does it still require you to take off certain pieces of armor to verify you are the owner of the character?

If yes, check your profile and make sure it's showing up correctly (sometimes is a pain in the butt about updating in real time). If that happens to be the issue try making the changes before you log off for the night to give it some time to update.

I'll tell schoeps to check the forums if I happen to see him online, he'll be able to help if anyone :)
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Posted 1:34 PM 1/10/2012
What's your character's name?