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Old geezer with an artistic side that spends way to much time playing WoW (meh.. it's 9am I'm running on coffee that's as good as it gets for now)
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"Why the hell is this rock floating around me?!" Me to one of my favorite shamans my first time seeing Earth Shield
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June 8 2008
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The kind that work!
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Skada, DXE, Titanpanel, Mapster, Auctioneer, Rogue powerbars, Grid, Pallypower, Ora2.. maybe one or two other minor addons. Always open to suggestions as well!
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10 Random Things About Me:
Purple is my favorite color
I adore the Peanuts comic strip and love Snoopy
I'm rather fond of hot sauce
I collect rocks
More often than not when I'm out and about I take my camera with me
I enjoy crocheting
I enjoy reading about mythology
I like people who make me use my brain
I'm allergic to strawberries
Is that ten yet? I'm not keeping track >.<