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Gadgetspark / Moon Guard
Birthday: (28 years old)
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I am a Gnome who used to live in Gnomergan. After the city was lost, I decided that it would be best for me to explore the world and improve my knowledge of engineering.

(If you were looking for IRL info, you came the wrong place. When we become better friends then ask me :P)
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"I sure love to tinker."
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November 2007
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Recount (see who pwns and who is a bad)
Gearscore (not favorite, but is pretty mandatory these days D: )
AtalsLoot (not to spam trade with legendary weapons :3)
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Wow, CSS, TF2, MW2,
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10 Random Things About Me:
1. Non-social IRL, but very social in text
2.Likes Steampunk
3.Contradicts his Wow character (is tall IRL but plays a gnome)